Collage of books with Nike logo.

Nike Retail

Six Years of Elevating Nike's Brand Consistency Across Canada


Environmental Communications

When it comes to delivering brand consistency in the marketplace, there are few that can rival Nike.

Nike sneakers displayed in a box.

Over a six-year period, we had the privilege of partnering with Nike to design and execute in-store campaign launches, influencer events and spearhead visual consistency in Nike stores and in several different sporting good chain stores throughout the province and across the country.

Stacks of books with Nike shoes on top of each stack.
Showroom with various images and clothing from Nike.
A showroom with clouds on the wall and Nike clothing hung up on hangers.
A Nike spiked show in a shoe displayed box.
Two Nike shoes in a display box.
A single Nike show hanging on a shoe lace.
A Nike boot on a wall display.
Disorganized table with Nike shoes on top.
A mural of a felt Nike shoe.
Nike shoes on top of spray paint canisters.
Various image of a model wearing a red hoodie with Canada logo, and images of the male model wearing a basketball jersey.
Various images of the a breakdancer dancing in Nike clothing.
Collage of various Nike lifestyle images.

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