Onondaga Camp's cabin at night.

Onondaga Camp Branding

Rebranding a Historical Camp Experience


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Onondaga Camp is one of Canada’s oldest, privately owned residential camps and has earned a reputation for being a tier one co-educational camp.

Onondaga Camp's cabin at night logo.

In 2008, we were asked to help Onondaga with its branding, including provision of a ground-up brand positioning, a brand identity system as well as design application to virtually all of their key communication tools – website, recruitment package, print advertising and trade show booth design. Design efforts began with a facilitated session which helped uncover several rich category, consumer and brand insights.

We also conducted an exhaustive competitive audit, all of which uncovered an important macro trend affecting consumerism in general that we felt Onondaga could take advantage of – the shift away from coveting/consuming “things” towards collecting/consuming unique experiences and stories in appreciation of the value they bring to personal growth and development. All work developed delivered against positioning Onondaga as the camp that specializes in championing personal growth. Creative took advantage both of rich visual assets the camp already had (primary brand colour, iconic tree image) as well as experiential photography we recommended be core to all recruitment materials for the important role it can play in helping kids imagine themselves there.

Onondaga Camp's open book showing their brand logo.
Onondaga Camp's letterhead, business cards, and envelope.
Onondaga Camp's registration form.
Onondaga Camp's stamps.
Onondaga Camp's post cards.
Onondaga Camp's camp guide cover.
A group of boys sitting on a dock.
A little boy board jumping at a lake.
A boy sitting on paddle boards.
A group of boys smiling at the camera in a lake.
A splash of water in a lake.
A group of boys jumping off a dock.
A closeup of a chalkboard.
A group of girls walking beside a lake.
A girl smiling at the camera in a wood shop.
Before and after of Onondaga Camp's old and new logo.

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