Various logos as a collage. Various logos as a collage. Various logos as a collage. Various logos as a collage. Various logos as a collage.

Selected Logotypes & Brand Marks

Crafting Memorable Logos That Speak Volumes About Your Brand's Identity


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As designers, we know that although a brand’s identity is much more than just a logo, the reality of today’s market means that the logo is often the first chance your brand has to leave an impression.

Day & Ross, Wilbur Mexicana, Weston Foods, and TruShield Insurance's logos.

What that impression will be, what it says about your brand and its values, and whether it appeals to the consumer is often decided in mere seconds. Are they intrigued enough to know more, or will they scroll past it?

Toronto FC, Solei, and General Assembly's logo.
Various logos from Coco Lane, Union Juice, and more.

This is why we believe in creating marks that are both memorable and considered—blending the importance of both form and function. Although often subjective in nature, a logo is a forum to help convey a company’s values and character throughout all its major touchpoints. For over 25 years we have created a diverse collection of logos and wordmarks for a wide spectrum of industries: Sports & Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Financial, Education, Hospitality, Tech start-ups, Arts & Culture—you name ‘em. What they all have in common is that a considered mark, rooted in a company’s unique platform, and executed in the right way has become an incredibly powerful emblem of these brands. Take a look at some of our work—you might even recognize a few.

Evelo, Brook Built, and Mascot Brewery's logos.
Collage of various logos.
Various logo collage including Ted Rogers School of Management, Georgian Partners, and more.
RIFF, John St., and Dair's logos.
Onondaga Camp, 8Plus, Sotawall, Toronto Triathlon Festival's logo.
Various logo collage including Tayco and Toronto Marlies.
Various logo designs including Kilberry, Ignite, Reverse, Design Agency, and more.
Various logo designs including Toronto Ski Club, Second Cup Coffee Co.
Various logos in a collage including Aphria Medical, Inagene, The Development Factory, and more.

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