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A Journey of Innovation and Customer Focus in Architectural Solutions


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Sota Glazing Inc. has been a premier fabricator and innovator of unitized curtain wall systems for a quarter century.

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With their 25th year approaching and a new state-of-the-art production facility, the company enlisted Jacknife to help relaunch as Sotawall. The ask: reimagine the brand so it reflects the high standard of the Sotawall experience.

Various sketches of Sotawall logo.

The project began with a brand positioning exercise. Through extensive stakeholder interviews and relevant audits, a validated narrative of customer-focused innovation began to take shape. Year after year, Sotawall had continued to deliver new engineered solutions as the industry demanded them, and year after year, their clientele were made to feel that they were a priority regardless of how much the business grew. These insights provided a foundation for Sotawall’s place in a competitive market, which in turn informed the visual direction of the brand.


As the primary visual component of the brand, the Sotawall logo represents the product itself: a connected modular structure that offers protection from, and an unobstructed view of, the outside world. The visual system builds off this approach using heavily-gridded content applied to broad colour fields as the lens through which the brand is conveyed. These elements were rolled out through the standard channels including stationery and website as well as a messaging platform for launch. The integrity of the system reflects the customer-focused precision and problem-solving that has allowed Sotawall continued growth in a competitive landscape for 25 years.

Sotawall logos with red background and white backgound.
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