Top view of a desk in a an office, with Tayco logo on top. Top view of a desk in a an office, with Tayco logo on top. Top view of a desk in a an office, with Tayco logo on top. Top view of a desk in a an office, with Tayco logo on top. Top view of a desk in a an office, with Tayco logo on top.


Repositioning an Established B2B Brand


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Tayco is a leading office solutions provider who needed to demonstrate a more progressive, innovative brand expression to stand out in a crowded landscape.

Image grid of Tayco's website, closeup of its logo, and workspace.

Tayco has always offered great value for customers, but were perceived in the market at a “Tier B” brand. The ask was to build greater awareness with key influencers while starting to shift brand perception among existing customers, reps, and architecture or design clients.

Tayco workspace with tables, stationary, chairs, computers, and lamps.

We drew insights from research indicating an exceptional and consistent customer satisfaction differentiating Tayco from direct competitors and “Tier A” manufacturers. Based on these insights we set to work on developing a brand platform that expressed Tayco’s core values: progressiveness, a design-led philosophy, value, and care. Our guiding statement became “Believe in Better.”


Jacknife developed a brand platform that leverages Tayco’s strengths, and created a complete brand identity system representative of their design-focused approach to office solutions. This included a tonal direction rooted in the idea of warm minimalism, an expressive extension of Tayco products and services.


The marketing collateral we created for Tayco included photography, creative direction, copy, brochures, and a responsive website that embodied Tayco’s values. Each piece was informed by an underlying strategy, visual system, identity, tonal direction, and brand guidelines created by Jacknife.


With our team’s help Tayco has repositioned their brand as a “Tier A” source of modern office solutions, anticipating and addressing the needs of modern workspaces, while maintaining their perception of value and trust.

Image grid of someone working on a desk, Tayco's logo on a paper, and Tayco Typography.
Stacked black books of Tayco's orange logo.
Tayco's book spreads that are opened to different pages.
Book holders with Tayco's branding and Tayco look books inside the holders.
Closeup of stacked Tayco books.
Tayco books spread out like a fan.
People working at Tayco. Another image of clipboards with Tayco branded paperes, and various Tayco logos.
Layout of Tayco business cards.
Image grid of 3 images. First image is a Tayco tote bag that says
Side view of the Tayco truck on.
Side view of an orange van with Tayco logo.
Various tablets with Tayco website.

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