3 neon coloured smiley faces. 3 neon coloured smiley faces. 3 neon coloured smiley faces. 3 neon coloured smiley faces. 3 neon coloured smiley faces.

Television Bureau of Canada

Designing a New Brand Identity for TV Day


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TV Day is an annual conference developed by the Television Bureau of Canada.

Desktop display of TV Day's website.

The conference is designed to bring Canadian media & marketing professionals together to celebrate the power of TV, discuss research and current statistics about TV’s ability to reach consumers and, most importantly, discuss how TV and social media co-exist.

Someone holding a neon pink poster for TV Day.

The TVB hired us to develop the new identity for the conference that was extended to all supporting materials including development of the tag line, banners, program guide, invites, swag and collateral. In addition, a signature artist signed series of screen printed posters were developed and distributed prior to the conference to get the invitees excited about the day and promote ongoing discussion about the power of TV. The fun social nature of TV watching and it’s natural extension to social media was the inspiration for the design execution and overall positioning. It had to be bold and fun, inspiring and intriguing. The vibrant colour treatment and sharp contrast combined with the overall simplicity of the approach generated the interest it deserved.

Someone holding a neon blue poster for TV Day.
TV Day mugs with different neon coloured smiley faces.
Lanyards of of TV Day's branding.
TV Day's stage with with the neon smiley faces.
Event stage from TV Day.
A book cover with a yellow neon smiley face for TV Day.
Opened TVDay book spread.
Opened book spread of various neon smiley faces.
Closeup of TV Day's logo.
Closeup of a person signing a TV Day poster.
A closeup of a TV Day poster someone is signing.

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