Gilmore Junio holding a medal. Gilmore Junio holding a medal. Gilmore Junio holding a medal. Gilmore Junio holding a medal. Gilmore Junio holding a medal.

The Thanks Gilmore Campaign

A Commemorative Medal for Gilmore Junio


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When the sports fans of Jacknife saw Canadian speedskater Gilmore Junio give up his spot at the 2014 Olympics to allow teammate Denny Morrison to race (& bring home a silver medal), it offered a glimpse at sportsmanship and personal sacrifice that inspired our team.

Mike Kelar and Mikey Richardson sitting on a couch talking.

We wanted to do something special for Gilmore that would recognize his sacrifice. Our idea was to fashion Gilmore a commemorative medal – designed by the team & custom-built, but as we wanted to allow other Canadians who had followed him to lend a hand too, we started an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Hundreds of Canadians came through, quickly raising the required money in 14 days and sending along messages of appreciation for the Gilmore.

The Thanks Gilmore medal and medal case on a table.

We designed the medal to feature interlocking components of Western Maple burl, gold, and silver; a box of Canadian maple for display, and a leather ribbon with the names of the donors laser-etched into it.

Thanks Gilmore medal inside the case opened.
Closeup of the the front of the Thanks Gilmore medal.
Closeup of the side view of the Thanks Gilmore medal.
Closeup of the back of Thanks Gilmore medal.
Extreme closeup of the Thanks Gilmore Medal side.

With the help of a number of partners providing craftsmanship, labour, and materials, were able to have it ready for Gilmore’s visit on May 14. Gilmore met with the students of King Edward School in Kitchener, Ontario, where he was presented with the medal and told the story of his Olympic adventure.

Collage of Thanks Gilmore medal process images.
A table with papers and a pencil.
Open case of the Thanks Gilmore medal without the medal inside.
A maple leaf metal cutout and a circle metal cutout.
Thanks Gilmore metal gold and metal pieces assembled on a table.
A woman carving the Thanks Gilmore medal.
Group of people on a stage and a man shaking Gilmore's hand.
Mikey Richardson speaking at a podium and Mike Kelar standing beside him.
A little girl putting a medal on Gilmore's neck.
Gilmore posing for a photo with a young boy and girl.
Gilmore talking to a group of kids.
Gilmore signing a wall with a maple leaf.
Jacknife team group shot.
People posing with Gilmore and his medal.
Global CBC anchors on tv.
A woman anchor on Global News TV.

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