A woman taking a Union Juice order. A woman taking a Union Juice order. A woman taking a Union Juice order. A woman taking a Union Juice order. A woman taking a Union Juice order.

Union Juice

A Zesty Community-Driven Brand Experience Through Fresh Design and Connection


Brand Narrative Branded Environment Naming Visual Identity Business Collateral

With smoothie counters and Açaí bowls rapidly gaining a cult following, a juice company seeking to create an elevated experience engaged us to help them build a brand based on notions of community, design, and freshness.

A Union Juice smoothie on a table.

We conceived a brand narrative told through spaces that evoked a community feel and connected stores to their locales through details like bookshelves/reading spaces, ever-changing local artist collaborations, and neighbourhood-specific details.

Union Juice's patio with people sitting at the tables.
Union Juice's interior filled with customers and staff members.

To ensure the message was never lost, we designed scalable floor plans for different spaces and footprints–so the communal feel of the space was seamlessly conveyed in each venue, regardless of proportions.


Each space communicated elements of freshness, energy, and a modern social hub for its customers. We crafted the brand from the ground up, working on naming, identity design, environmental vision (including 3-D renderings), and signage. The concept of elements “coming together” became our foundation, and with that we developed components that spoke to the union of ingredients, environmental textures, and a communal gathering space that came to embody the brand. With our help, Union Juice opened three locations within its first year of existence, executing our vision uniquely yet consistently within each space.

Union Juice staff blending smoothies.
Closeup of Union Juice's paninis.
Close-up of Union Juice's cup sleeves.
Line of different smoothies from Union Juice.
Union Juice's stacked business cards.
Union Juice's brand guide booklet opened.
Two Union Juice's brand guide books opened.
Two Union Juice brand guides opened.
Union Juice's building render.
Union Juice's interior entrance.
Union Juice Interior, lounge area.
Various sketches of Union Juice's interior.

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