Weston Foods Branded Environment

Baking History into its Office Space with a Fresh Forward Flourish


Branded Environment

Weston Foods came to us with a quest to give their out-of-date office space a much-needed facelift. With the concept of “fresh forward,” we began to unearth 100 years of history, images, and archived relics that served as the core of the design.

Closeup of a Weston Foods' mural that is made out of plastic bread tags.

The challenge was to create an engaging space that energized those within it. We set out to highlight the core brands, bread culture, and evolution of Weston Foods through the use of image, colour, texture and objects—all of which provided a creative space that welcomed, inspired, and informed the head and heart of Weston Foods employees and guests for years to come.

Weston Foods' logo on a neon sign.

With over a century of history, we had a wealth of visuals and artifacts to pull inspiration from (including the original handwritten bread recipe from founder GW Weston, original Weston bread tickets, and vintage product ads from many decades). We showcased the key brands and products using images, sayings, equipment, ingredients, textures, and tools as inspiration.


We integrated installation pieces, light boxes, full-wall wraps, 3-D type, custom illustrations, gallery walls, neon signage, and many colours to revitalize the space and map out new experiences. We even let the workers be part of the art through interactive boardroom installations that reflected the individuals who make up Weston Foods.

Someone walking through the hallway at Weston Foods.
Weston Foods' staircase with various murals on the walls.
Weston Foods' Office mural that says

It was an incredible transformation—and the office is now an invigorating and inspiring space for staff, as well as a place they are proud to bring in customers for meetings, workshops and product launches. We think that’s toast-worthy.

Text on toast that says
Weston Foods' meeting rooms with a toast poster.
Pizza board organized on an orange/red wall.
Weston Foods' Bread Clip Mural.
Closeup of a Weston Foods' mural that is made out of plastic bread tags.
Red hallway wall in Weston Foods' HQ with a wall quote.
Weston Foods' glass meeting room with black chairs and a table.
Weston Foods' wall logo.
Weston Foods' workspace with long desks and chairs.
Weston Foods' staircase with a blue quote on the wall and an black and white bakery image.
A turquoise wall mural with bundles of wheat, and text that says
Weston Foods' wall mural with vintage illustrations of children eating bread.
Collage of different work spaces at Weston Foods.
A close up of a red wall with red toasters.
Weston Foods' board room with red wall of toasters, a black and white mural of an old Weston Foods building, and a long table with chairs surrounding it.
Inside an empty meeting room with a black wall that says
Weston Foods' of various names engraved in toast.
A neon sign at Weston Foods' that says
Colourful tickets with Weston Foods' branding.
Mural of a bakery team at Weston Foods on a wall.
Two different stairwells where at the end of each there is a Weston Foods' mural.
Weston Foods' hallway with a framed portrait of a man.
End of a staircase where it has a black and white mural and red text that says
Weston Foods hallway with Wonder Bread mural illustration.
Various images of work spaces at Weston Foods.

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