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MDA Rebrand

MDA: Space Technology

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Founded in 1969, MDA is Canada’s leading space technology company with decades of experience developing custom technology solutions like the Canadarm family of space robotics for the US Space Shuttle program and the International Space Station and three generations of RADARSAT Earth observation satellites. Returning to Canadian control as a private, independent company headquartered in Canada, MDA came to Jacknife to help mark this significant homecoming with a re-brand. To say we were excited to partner with this iconic brand would be an understatement.

We began by conducting a series of stakeholder interviews and in-depth research to develop an ownable brand platform including narrative, core values, personality and tonal direction. It became clear early on that as the space industry continued to gain increased interest and awareness, MDA had a unique opportunity to establish broader cultural relevance by combining youthful enthusiasm with their proven track record of making space dreams come true. This became the foundation of our platform, ultimately positioning MDA as a visionary leader continually driving towards new frontiers while communicating the tangible benefits of space on earth in a current and relatable way. In short, MDA brings space a little closer to earth.

Drawing inspiration from lifestyle influences, the visual identity balances MDA’s technical prowess with an approachable “Canadian-ness” resulting in a system that feels familiar with subtle nods to their work’s precision and specificity. The icon itself acts as a window into the world of MDA—company, culture and future-focused initiatives—reaching and resonating with audiences beyond the space category.

After many months of collaboration and hard work on both the MDA and Jacknife teams, it was finally time to share the new brand we were all extremely proud of. We created a brand reveal video and launch communication pieces to build excitement across internal teams and get employees on board with the company’s new direction before rolling it out externally. We then designed a website, a variety of corporate collateral, digital banners, social media content examples and some pretty cool swag to express the brand’s full personality and potential as they lead the charge toward exciting new opportunities.

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