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ACE Bakery Branded Environment

ACE Bakery

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ACE Bakery came to us with a quest to help revamp their corporate office—which was becoming a bit stale—into a space that celebrates their employees and their products. So we dove right in.

Because ACE is a younger company and doesn’t yet have extensive historical roots, the branding of their new headquarters hinged on its evolution, its people, and its products. We wanted both employees and visitors to see the products (as well as the space) through new eyes. And because our team is composed of bread aficionados, we treated the product like a piece of art—and that’s what it became.

Our strategy was to help visualize ACE’s philosophy, “elevate everyday bread moments,” through uplifting their space, their culture, and their experience through a collaborative and artisanal design.

We collaborated with the master bread baker and gave him free reign to exercise his creativity, creating custom one-of-a-kind pieces that we could shoot and later display. (We ended up with over 30 skids of bread.) We also collaborated with ACE employees to bring their love of bread to life—taking spaces that employees used daily, and transforming them into motivational areas where the employees could recognize their own impact on the brand. We asked them to create quotes, words, puns, and sayings that reflected their love of ACE—and then we proudly displayed them in the form of art pieces, sculptures, murals (including a 40 foot baguette) and hand painted art. We created themed conference rooms, each with a unique feel and customized features that felt personal, warm, and a little cheeky. We made sure to craft the bakery staff’s space in a way that made them feel included and valued, while keeping in mind the overall aesthetic and mission.

In the end, we created a space that evoked warmth while feeling inviting and elevated, surprising employees with a brand new workplace that invigorated them and made them feel part of a team. To us, that’s worth a toast.

Work Menu

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